24 Jun Vanuatu


Vanuatu means ‘Eternal Land’ and it consists of 83 islands in the Pacific Ocean. Islands vary from active volcanic ones to islands covered in dense rainforest to the coral islands with great, wide, white beaches and deep harbours.

As soon as you land in Vanuatu, be prepared to adjust yourself to Vanuatu-time – the pace is a little slower here, so it pays to relax, let go and unwind. This South Pacific Island National is made up of around 80 islands, which are dotted with sandy beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails and active volcanoes. A relatively young country, Vanuatu has an interesting cultural makeup. It has 113 different languages and countless dialects that span off them. This is due to the migration at different times from a variety of Pacific countries.

Accommodation options vary from pensions to luxury 5* resorts. The locations of the accommodation options also vary drastically – from the beachfront or partially overwater bungalows to the exclusive, secluded apartments on hill overlooking harbour. The rates are quite a bit cheaper than in Australia (for the same standard of accommodation). However, the prices for other items such as taxi, food, souvenirs etc. are not that cheap  (expect to pay Aussie prices). However, Vanuatu’s beauty is worth seeing.

If you are staying around Port Vila, visit to Mele Cascade is a must. On your way to the falls, you will get an opportunity to swim in an icy cold poos which will feel so beautiful a hot day.

Capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila and this is where main airport is located. There are daily flights between most major Australian cities to Port Vila. Visas are not required to visit Vanuatu, as long you hold a valid Australian passport and a return ticket. There are daily flights from Australia, with flight being only 4 hours from the East Coast.

Vanuatu’s tropical climate means that the country is great to visit the year-round, although it is slightly wetter and hotter from November to March. April to October is dryer, but then you’ll also have to consider that costs may be higher too as they’re more popular times to travel there.

Whether your ideal honeymoon includes treks and waterfall abseiling or deserted beach picnics to wreck dives and cultural villages, Vanuatu has it all!

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