Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon bridal registry is an exciting, new concept

and we are pleased to make this new service

available to our clients.

With every honeymoon booked, client is given a choice to have a Honeymoon Registry set up as well. This service is absolutely free. The process of honeymoon registry is a great new concept that is extremely easy, quick and hassle free for the couples. Our highly dedicated team of consultants will do all the hard work and the clients will simply enjoy their honeymoon!

Paradise is closer than you think...
The process is simple and straightforward. The following are the steps involved in establishing and managing Honeymoon Bridal Registry.

  • Once a honeymoon is booked, Honeymoon Planners consultant will discuss with couple the set-up of their honeymoon registry.
  • We will then create an itemised honeymoon registry and forward this registry to the clients for approval or to make any changes couple requests.
  • Once approved, registry will be loaded on our web site.
  • Honeymoon Planners consultant would then provide clients with gift cards to be sent with invitations, informing their friends/relatives that the Honeymoon Registry has been placed with Honeymoon Planners.
  • Friends and relatives will then contact Honeymoon Planners directly and purchase ‘sections’ of the honeymoon. Honeymoon Registry contributions are made via our web site, however copies of it will be provided upon request by email, fax or mail.
  • Honeymoon Planners will provide bride and groom with regular reports, which could be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, every time an item has been sold or as often as clients require.
  • Couple would settle any outstanding amount or Honeymoon Planners will refund any excess funds. This occurs if the total amount contributed to the registry exceeds the value of the honeymoon
  • Couples enjoy their honeymoon! It’s that simple!

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